World Wide Instameet

On March 21, 2015, photographers all over the entire world independently united in an instameet in one way or another.  With our new anti-social media awareness spreading ironically via social media, instameets break barriers by combining real life interaction, fun, and adventure with online personas.  Meeting photographers whom I have being following for months was more disorienting than a blind date.  I know these people so well through their photos, yet know nothing about them as people, or even what they look like.  My anxiety settled once we broke out the Sharpies for the stick-on name tags – or should I say, “handle tags”?

Participating in an instameet is not exactly what it sounds like – it took me a week to get my film photos developed! However, spectators have been able to follow our saga from instant to history via the tag #WWIM11_Philly.

World Wide Instameet, Philly! #WWIM11_Philly

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