The Beautiful Spirit of Philadelphia

Living in Philadelphia, ironically, can become monotonous and even taxing.  Coming from an industrial suburban area (Wilkes-Barre, PA) I like to take a visit back to my roots.  Leaving the city can be a challenge at times, but somehow public transportation makes an occasional escape possible.

On Novermber 14 (the most beautiful day of 2013), I took a walk and a slight hike through Wissahickon park entering from the Wissahickon Transportation Center on Ridge Ave.  It is incredibly easy to leave the city and set foot into the woods via the 61 bus.  It runs from 9th & Market Street to the threshold of the park, conventionally passing through my neighborhood!

See ya, Fairmount Ave – hello, Fairmount Park!

Other trips to the Wissahickon Valley:

The Indigenous Peoples of Anti-Philadelphia.

The Anti-Philadelphia.


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