Philly Photo Day Exhibition

October 18 was Philly Photo Day 2013.  Everyone in the city was invited to take a photo on that day and submit it for a mass exhibition presented by PNC Arts Alive and sponsored by the Knight Foundation.  Last night, November 14, was the opening reception at Philly Photo Day Gallery, 120 N. 3rd Street in Old City.  The outstanding level participation is manifest in an alleged 1700 some photos that literally cover the walls of the gallery space.  The range of photographic subject matter is as diverse at the city itself: from angles of the skyline, to personal life endeavors, to street photography and art on all levels of experience.

The show will be open until December 28, Wednesday through Saturday 12:00 – 7:00pm.

This is the photo I submitted taken at Young Professionals Night: Picasso’s Rose Period at the Barnes Foundation. Unfortunately, it can be found displayed very close to the floor in the gallery.

Young Professionals Night at the Barnes Foundation.

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