3rd Time’s Not the Charm

3 years ago I saw Armor for Sleep in Philadelphia for what I thought would have been the third and last time.  Shortly after the show, they released an EP, then they broke up.  With the lead singer about to get married, I lost all hope in AFS every getting back together as a band.  Tonight Armor for Sleep will reunite for one show, and one show only at Bamboozle in Asbury Park, New Jersey.  This will be my fourth and final moment with the boys.  My secret hope is that they will love playing together so much that they’ll decide to stay together forever!

These are images from their show in September 2008, Campus Philly event.

Phantoms Now.You will al die in Williamsburg.Ben Jorgensen.Anthony Dilonno, Armor for Sleep.Smile for them, Nash Breen.Ben Jorgensen, Armor for Sleep.PJ DeCicco, Armor for Sleep.Ben & Anthony, AFS.Armor for Sleep, September 2008.Ben Jorgensen, Armor for Sleep.

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