Top Sweet-cret

There are so many new food trucks popping up all over campus – just in time for my final month at Temple.  I would love to try every single one before I graduate – or at least before summer when they close up.  Yesterday was local food food truck [sic] Yum Town USA – they get their beer from Lion Brewery in Wilkes-Barre!  My latest crave has been Cookie Confidential on 12th Street.  I don’t usually walk on the west side of that street, but a game of frisbee by bros in Gladfelter’s grass patch had me worried sick I’d get hit with a frisbee.  Due to this safety measure, I passed this truck for the first time, captivated by its pictogram [cupcake] + [jar] = [cupcake in jar].  After bubble tea today, I found out what this secret code was all about, and I’m not sharing!

Honeydew tea with lychee bubbles and jasmine green tea with strawberry bubbles! From Tai's Vietnamese, 12th Street, Temple's Campus.Cartographic evidence.That's no concealed weapon - that's a cupcake pus.h-pop! From Cookie Confidential, 12th Street, Temple's campusTop Secret Situation.Camouflaged. No cupcake, no problems here.Psych! It's a pistachio cupcake in a jar!Betty enjoys her Undercover Cupcake from Cookie Confidential.

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