Rape of the Sabines

Giambologna's Rape of the Sabines from 1582 now in the Loggia dei Lanzi of Piazza della Signoria, Florence, Italy.

This is my favorite sculpture of all time.  It’s so intense and full of emotion and energy.  It is truly a feat of the artist Giambologna’s talent in marble carving.  Best of all, it’s amazing to photograph.  I had a black and white photo of this sculpture as my iPod wallpaper for about a year until now.  This has been my iPod wallpaper for a year now - not only because I love the photo of the sculpture but because it's always a hassle changing my background!

What an amazing feeling to see my favorite piece of art and take my own photo of it for my iPod wallpaper.Away.Loggia dei Lanzi, Signoria.Standing out from the crowd.Please, just let me go.Cover your eyes, young David.Rape of the Sabine Women.This is my new iPod wallpaper - such a great feeling to be able to snap your own photo of your favorite piece.

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