Roman Halloween

Halloween isn’t exactly the best thing since sliced bread here in Italy – actually, sliced bread apparently isn’t that great either.  But several shops and bakeries have been selling Halloween treats and decorations.  I’m not doing too much this Hallows Eve, but I did go to a party as Twiggy this weekend.  I have been able to celebrate a true Halloween with Gertrude Hawk chocolates from home! And I even found a pumpkin shaped cookie sandwich (filled with Nutella, of course) at “The 24-Hour Bakery,” Dolce Maniera.

Happy Halloween from Betty in Rome!!!Straight nomming on a pumpkin shapped, Nutella filled cookie sandwich from Dolce Maniera, the 24 Hour Bakery on Via Ottaviano.Gertrude Hawk Halloween goodies from home to celebrate the right way!!Betty as Twiggy with friends at a Halloween house party in Rome.

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