Out of three cameras that I took to Florence, two of them succeeded.  It’s survival of the fittest, baby, and my digital SLR prevails in this one.

The last thing my point and shoot saw as it closed it's shutter for good.The Duomo, Florence.Something new, something old.Palazzo Vecchio, Florence.Me & some guy on the Ponte Vecchio, Florence.Chiesa di San Filippo Neri, Florence.Florence in the evening, so peaceful.

3 thoughts on “Florence

  1. Brilliant shots, maybe not the blurred one, but I get the point. I really love film myself, but it seldom is ecconomical. I prefer black and white because it is easy to develop at home.

    • Well, it’s economical to me right now since I have no means to develop the film myself. I ordered a ton of rolls before I left America and I found a guy here that develops them super cheap, so it’s fine by me!!! I do hate that I can’t control the white balance at all, so that’s when black and white prevails, but sometimes i just edit them to be b&w when it’s that bad. Thanks for your feedback, glad you’re still watching my stuff!

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