Secret Sweethearts

For my 21st birthday, I wanted nothing more than to enjoy cupcakes.  It’s been over a month since I’ve so much as SEEN a cupcake.  Italy is not exactly the place to go for that type of dessert.  That’s ok, because I love me some cannoli, too.  

But it’s my birthday, and I’ll do what I want.  I found a bakery called Sweety Rome that sells real cupcakes! I planned on going there with a bunch of friends the day after my birthday (since I was on a field trip for my actual birthday).  Unfortunately, I got sick that weekend and felt terrible just in time for cupcakes.  Not only was I sick, but the public transportation of Rome went on STRIKE!  Sweety was a good 3-4 subway stops from school.  Last minute, Kyle and I decided to go for it.  It was a treacherous walk, but so worth it!  It was so refreshing to see all my old favorites lined up in front of me – on Via Milano, of all places on earth!  Red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, and best of all – TIRAMISU!  I was in heaven and forgot all about being sick for a moment.

“Posso fare delle foto?” “CERTO!” That’s what I like to hear.

Then I remembered I was sick.  And it was a grueling walk back.  All apologies to my friends who wanted to come, I was a sniffly drag to hang out with anyway!

Sweety Rome, Via Milano, Rome.Scoops and scoops of icing.Mini cupcakes at Sweety Rome.I wonder if these cupcakes are made with Coco....Red Velvet - now that's something I haven't seen in Italy!Boo! Halloween cupcakes in Italy?!Louis Vuitton, designer cupcakes!The best of both worlds - Tiramisu Cupcakes.Sweethearts at Sweety Rome!

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