La Bella BK

Even after living in Rome for a month, I still don’t miss American food.  But, just for fun, Kyle and I had dinner at Burger King last night.  I never eat fast food at home, so it was not too reminiscent for me, but an experience nonetheless.  A Whopper with standard sized fries and a drink (smalls?) was €6.10 – about $8.13!! It was great though; my slogan was, “Tastes like something you’d make at a cookout – and I don’t even eat that!”  I’m no fast food connoisseur but I know quality when I taste it.  Italy is definitely onto something, and America better catch up!

Two trays of Italian BK goodness. (about $20 worth between us)This bun is REAL BREAD.No idea what this says... something whitty about Burger King, I'm sure.My first bite of Burger King in years, and it's not even that bad!How do they measure in liters?! It blows my mind.Done. We just pwned Italian Burger King - and look! No horrible feelings or tastes afterwards!That's right, €6.10 for a numero uno....

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