Jan Gadeyne’s Death March

World renowned archeologist, ancient art historian, and maniac for ancient Roman architecture, Jan Gadeyne, led us to our death this past weekend through Terracina, Sperlonga, Stabiae, Pompeii, Paestum, and Naples.  The journey ended on my birthday.

3 thoughts on “Jan Gadeyne’s Death March

  1. Hi Lauren, I just love your photos. Sounds like you had a great time recently in Italy. You were so lucky to have such a knowledgable guide !!!

    We have the good fortune to now live in Italy. We sold up in the UK and came to live in Italy. The place we decided to make our new home is the little town of Itri, which nestles in the foothills of the Aurunci Mountains, not far from Sperlonga.

    I visit Sperlonga regularly and there is always something to discover around each and every corner. Here are some of my photos:

    Sperlonga - Coat of Arms

    I write regularly about our new life in Italy on my 2 blogs.

    Avanti Sempre Avanti: http://nonnalou.wordpress.com

    and our “Tre Cancelle” Blog: http://trecancelle.wordpress.com

    and I have created an Website, in English, about many of the towns and seaside resorts in this beautiful region of South Lazio:


    Ciao for Now !!!


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