Foro [Mussolini] Italico

My Italian Design class took me to a place I would probably never go on my own: a sports complex.  The Foro Italico was built f0r Mussolini (designed by Enrico Del Debbio) and his fascist physical education regime.  One thing I am thankful for: not being an Italian during the 1930s.  I hated gym class.Mussolini's Obelisk, Foro Italico.Mosaic floors pay homage to both Rome's ancient past and Mussolini's wonderful contributions to the nation.The field where some year's Olympics were held... I don't know anything about sports.Buns of steel - well, marble.This pool looked so good on this hot hot day!Bronzed.The slowest trickle of water in all of Rome (of course when I'm most thirsty).

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