Quartiere Coppedè

Yesterday, my Italian design class took a field trip to Quartiere Coppedè.  This little (yet quite extensive) neighborhood was once home to the middle class.  Now, a 140 square meter apartment here goes for  €2.000.000,00!  We explored this neighborhood, designed by Gino Coppedè, because of its art nouveau style.  Completed in 1926, the post-modern architecture in the quartiere include references to various periods of art – Ancient, Classical, Gothic, and Baroque to name a few.  Coppedè seems to have had a field day with the commission of designing this elite neighborhood.  His influences range from Assyrian to local Italian, and even includes a Medici crest (they had absolutely nothing to do with this project).  However, Coppedè’s eclectic style was frowned upon and received hostile criticism.  But almost a century later, we love it!

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