Eating Umbria

Titignano, Italy.

This past Sunday afternoon, Temple Rome students were treated to a 12 course meal at a castle in Titignano, Italy.  All of the food was grown from the land of Umbria.Antipasti - finger foods & arancina.Antipasti of finger foods, pizza, & arancina.Enjoying antipasti pizza and sparkling mineral water over the Umbrian landscape.Feeding 180 Temple students is now a feasible task.Preparing for the following 11 courses.One course down, 11 to go!Salami & hams.#2 – Genoa Salami & some hams.Cheese quiche!#3 – Cheese Quiche! It tasted like American cheese….Riso con asparagi!#4 – Rice with Asparagus.Homemade noodles in wild boar sauce, all gone!#5 – Homemade noodles with wild boar sauce.  Clearly, too good to wait for a photo!Doe Deer.#6 – Deer; my favorite dish.Tutto due! Chicken & Lamb (and yummy potatoes!)#7 – Chicken, lamb, and potato.Oh, and don't forget the salad. That comes somewhere in the middle of dinner.#8 – Salad; it comes in the middle of dinner.Basket o biscotti.#9 – I dolci time! Biscotti for starters.Tiramisu!#10 – Tiramisu, yum!Vino Dolci - dessert wine! Biscotti dippin!Dessert wine (vino dolci); finally, something way too sweet for my sweet tooth!Frutta.#11 – Various fruits.Final course - espresso!Final course, espresso.Give 180 Temple students wine ...

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