World’s Quickest & Littlest Tour of Rome

Senatus Populusque Romanus.SPQRMondo Arancina on Via Flaminia for some great rice balls.Mondo Arancina – great place for rice balls.Piazza del Popolo, very close to school.Cross along Via Flaminia and you’re at Piazza del Popolo.Santa Maria del Popolo.Santa Maria del Popolo – home of 2 famous Carravaggio paintings (Crucifixion of St. Peter & Conversion of Saul in the Cerasi Chapel.)The Piazza del Popolo from the Pincio.View of the Piazza del Popolo from the Pincio.The Spanish Steps.The Spanish Steps.The tourist-laden Trevi Fountain.What you can barely see of the Trevi Fountain during the day.Pizza near the Trevi Fountain.What a great spot to put a pizza place – near the Trevi Fountain. Get Euros!!Coulmn of Marcus Aurelius in the Piazza Colonna.Column of Marcus Aurelius in the Piazza Colonna.The Pantheon. Why, the Pantheon, of course!The Oculus of the Pantheon.The oculus of the Pantheon.Piazza della Rotonda.Piazza della Rotonda.Il Gesu, back there on Via del Plebiscito.Il Gesu is back there.Argentina Ruins.Argentina Ruins.Jewish Ghetto of Rome.The Jewish Ghetto of Rome – best place to get your artichokes.Portico d'Ottavia ruins in the midst of conservation.Portico d’Ottavia, under conservation.

The End.

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