Benvenuto a Roma!

I’ve lived in Rome for a day and a half now.  It’s very overwhelming and stressful being a transplant.  I have yet to really settle, get my bearings, and really make a conscious effort to exploring the city.  I enjoyed a brisk shuttle ride from the airport to my residence.  Italian drivers are nuts on the road! There are no rules.  But so far, I’ve done what any mammal must do for survival – hunt for food.  I found a small, but adequate grocery store down the street from my residence called Carrefour.  They charge you if you need one of their plastic bags, so I must save mine or get myself a good shopping bag.  Other excursions include trips to Temple’s “campus” (one whole building) and a market on the way back.  Jet lag has got the best of me, I haven’t even set foot in the Vatican when I live 10 minutes from it!

But, I have 4 months to be a tourist.  And I will do so every minute, after my nap….

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