I’m On a Plane!

Good bye, America.  Hello, Atlantic Ocean!!This is all I need.  Unfortunately, these wonderful leopard print luggage pieces dry rotted inside, and I had to get new ones!

I’ve just left the Philadelphia International Airport and am currently somewhere in the air, Italy-bound.

I’m safe and sound up here thanks to the special blessings from my parents.  Thank you; I love you!:My parents dedicated a special candle to me and my safety, announced in the church bulletin.

Days before my departure, I realized my leopard print luggage was dry rotted inside.  I invested in a new (huge) set by Anne Klein.  The carry-on weighs 8lbs by itself, and the checked piece is 11lbs.  So I’ve only been allowed 71lbs of my life on the plane.  #FirstWorldProblems.Anne Klein's Lion's Mane luggage set.

If anyone wants to Skype with me, let me know.  My user name is dennkiunagi (電気うなぎ – electric eel).

I look forward to sharing my experience with you during my semester abroad! Please check out my other blog dedicated to my studies. BettyBaroque.

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