Concrete City Collage

In March, Kyle and I visited Concrete City.  I snapped about 150 photos of one room in one of the concrete buildings.  In June, I assembled the photos to form one whole panoramic view of the room.  This month, I got the piece mounted in Philadelphia and took it all the way home to hang in my bedroom.  One day, I may get it framed.  But for now, at least it’s preserved.Eyeing up the pieces of the puzzle.This would fit in a 3-dimensional piece.Brain storming.Keeping my options open.Everything is in place, now it's time to tape every loose corner together.Making sure there are no loose ends.Kyle makes a sacrifice to the photo collage gods.Kyle's such a good sport about carrying this onto the subway for me.Hey! That man has my collage!!!Thanks, Kyle for helping me get this mounted and get it home!The finished product, mounted in its current resting place.Similar in subject matter, this is the first photo collage I made in 12th grade.Photo collage of the Black Diamond Bridge from 2008.


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