Korn Krest

In my entire 20 years of living in Hanover Township, PA, I had never ventured into the area known as Korn Krest.  This small neighborhood is tucked away on the opposite side of the Sans Souci Parkway from me.  This past week, I was riding as a passenger on the parkway and happened to wonder what was over there.  I craned my neck to get a peek of this seemingly tiny community as we zoomed by and vowed to cross the Sans Souci to find out.  After a few dreary days, I finally entered the Krest.

As with most parts of NEPA, I felt oddly out of place.  I was on the wrong side of the Sans Souci.  Not much to my surprise, I almost got hit by a car while crossing the highway by a left-turner.  I doubt he ever suspected a pedestrian would actually be around let alone crossing the Sans Souci.  There were a good number of families home on this weekday afternoon, as well as kids playing in the streets.  I would have found this particularly nerve-wracking if I were driving through these hills.  The streets are so steep that one resident’s pool was right up against a large mountainside rock.  Several homes were perched atop of hill with steep steps leading up to the porch.  Some had steep front yards with the house tucked below street-level.  It was neither a poor nor prosperous neighborhood, but its juxtaposition to the Country Club was ironic.  It was literally caged off by tall fences used to keep golf balls from crossing into the Krest.

As all places around here, Korn Krest is not pedestrian friendly.  It seems most people were even surprised I was walking around at all, let alone snapping photos of everything.

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