While enjoying a breezy afternoon on the orange rocks of the Susquehanna River, we heard the unmistakable sound of a helicopter near by.  Kyle shouted, “It’s a helicopter!” and I turned around to see an aircraft very low and close to us.  We went nuts taking photos of it as it flew by us, spraying some sort of orange substance along the west shore of the river.  I screamed that it was going to spray us, and had no idea how to prepare for that.  But it didn’t. It flew down the river and was gone as quick as it came.

A helicopter appears from up-river, flying toward a large dark cloud of what could possibly be smoke.The helicopter and the smoke.The helicopter sprays orange substance on the other side of the river.Eastbound for now.Southbound for now.Going, gone.Kyle loses it while watching the helicopter fly above us.

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