3 thoughts on “Evening Time

    • Thanks! It’s certainly a lost art, or at least it’s losing. I don’t feel complete anymore when I shoot digital, something’s missing. But it’s somewhat of a pain to buy film and get it developed, yet so rewarding. Keep it up and I will too! Just got 10 new rolls of Fuijifilm I’ve never used before, so I look forward to seeing how my shots turn out.

      • Absolutely agree with you on all points. I’m no film elitist or think film photography is superior in any way, but digital just doesn’t do it for me. I think its the instant gratification, i get bored of it, i dont feel inspired with it. Something about not knowing how itll turn out, hoping for the best, waiting and being delighted when you see your 36 exposures… it keeps be hooked. but yeah, film costs and development costs do get me, i just consider them necessary expenses next to food 😉

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