I’ve recently dug out these digital copies of the work I did during my single semester as a BFA student at Tyler School of Art.

This several-week assignment brought us up close and personal with the landscape around us as well as stepping out of our comfort zones to expose ourselves as transplants in Philadelphia.

We began right where we started: the Tyler School of Art.  I fussed way too much with a ruler.  I quickly learned to unlearn.

Second floor of the Tyler School of Art.Next, we were to draw a single outside landscape from two different perspectives.

University Village, the Ben Franklin Bridge, and many church steeples in between.This looks nothing like either of the photographs....Same landscape, 5 floors down.I think I may have actually drawn this from life. Wow!

Then we were to combine the two landscapes.

Combining the first two landscapes.Finally, we were to combine the first two with the City Hall project.

Working on several projects at once, this was my life for a semester.3 landscapes combined: Tyler, to Philly, to City Hall.

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