The Attainable View

I’ve been working on a personal summer project of gathering ALL of my photos ever taken, backing them up on several hard drives, and renaming them into a cohesive system.  I drifted slightly out of order with the discovery of even more CDS of photos in my bedroom at home.

As you can see from the horrible date stamp on these snapshots, these photos are from March 16, 2003.  This was when I first discovered that small developing development in Hanover Green whose view of the valley and the river captivated me.  I later reflected on it a few weeks ago.  At the time these early photos were taken, not all homes were built yet and I was able to stand on the edge of a property and shoot down on the river.  I was 12 years old.

These photos were taken on my first digital camera: Kodak Easy Share, in the days when 3 mega pixels was the best and the most expensive.  My camera was probably 2 or 2.5 mp – my Blackberry’s camera has the same resolution!  I remember keeping my photos at 2 stars – one star was too low quality, and three took up too much space on my 32MB memory card.  But enough about the history of my cameras.

Although my photography has grown and developed exponentially, some of my compositions and points of interest have remained the same.

Betty, age 12, stands proudly in the caul-de-sac of this new and foreign land.A view of Plymouth and Larksville from Hanover Green.The diminishing wilderness thaws.The Great Susquehanna River. I never get sick of glorifying its majesty.The unfinished caul-de-sac as it was in 2003.The Susquehanna River and the east side dike.

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