Canteen 900

Last week I had the pleasure of trying a new cafe in Forty Fort, PA with a good friend and now ex-coworker Ian.  It’s pretty much local to me.  I’m always up for trying something new around here when nothing ever really changes.  It was a wonderful little restaurant in the most random location.  It was sort of hard to find, but easy to figure out from the huge sign on the front of their building.  The atmosphere was refreshing: lots of natural light, plenty of guests (I had no idea this place existed, let alone that so many people in the valley did!), and a mish-mash of tables, seats, and chandeliers.

I went to Canteen 900 because of the article I saw in the Weekender on their cupcakes by Twisted Cakes.  The cupcakes are based on desserts.  I had a tiramisu cupcake, with moist chunks of tiramisu in the cake and delightful whipped topping, sprinkled with powered chocolate.  The other cupcake of the day was chocolate creme, one of which I took home for my parents and took a bite of of course! Both cupcakes were creamy and dreamy. I would love to try other flavors by Twisted Cakes.

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