Mac Battery

I know no one cares about this, but I do.

Why do I even bother to have my battery setting tell me how much time I have left before my Mac dies?

Pointless lies.

Awesome, I never had this much time to work on my Mac without it plugged in!

Wow, I’ve got plenty of time!

Whoa, literally seconds after having 3:21....Literally, seconds later.

Yet again.Excuse me, who is stealing my time?

Thanks for the extra minutes.That’s what I thought!

Gaining as we go!Powering up!

Oh, come on!Mac, give me a break.  It’s only been 6 minutes!

Make up your mind, mac!Thanks for the extra 10, buddy.

13 minutes later....Can someone do the math for me, please?

Unreal.This is unreal.

I had my screen dimmed, too!


2 thoughts on “Mac Battery

  1. Changes as you add and remove tasks in your desktop. This isn’t technically whats actually happening, but in laymans terms it is. More tabs fewer bars – more recalculations.

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