Not Small Coffee Cakes, but Coffee Cupcakes

Brittany and I have been living together for about 5 months now and have yet to really buckle down and make a batch of homemade cupcakes.  Sure, we’ve had plenty of cupcake parties, but those have always been box-mixed.  Although I have very little knowledge about baking from scratch, I do have two cupcake cookbooks.  Correction, I have two copies of the same cupcake book – I just learned this last night, after having them in my kitchen since August.

The coffee-lovers we are were in the mood to make some coffee cupcakes, but not mini coffee cakes (there’s a difference!).  The recipe called for to much butter and was very unclear when it came to directions on making the icing.  See, this is why I need to create my own recipes!  With a few revisions to the two identical recipes I have for these cupcakes, I think we will be able to make a more successful batch next time!

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