Philly Chocolate: The Confectionary Lounge

Last month, I walked past the Philadelphia Building on Walnut & Juniper Streets, where Naked Chocolate once stood.  The windows were blocked with a small sign.  A new place called Philly Chocolate was to occupy the space shortly.  The Confectionary Lounge opened about a week or so ago, and I finally tried it out with my sweet and sweet-loving friend Inga.  I love what they’ve done with the place (turquoise walls, color chandeliers, and brighter lighting!) However, Naked Chocolate will always have a special place in my heart.  Not sure if there is still a NC cafe in West Philly, but if Philly Chocolate cannot satisfy my sweet tooth, I’m not sure anywhere could.

I absolutely love the atmosphere of Philly Chocolate.  Just like the beautiful ambiance of Philly Cupcake, The Confectionary Lounge is bright, cheerful, colorful, and sweet!  They have a wide variety of candies and chocolate creations to offer, as well as Philly Cupcakes and special coffee drinks.  There is slightly more seating than Naked Chocolate, or at least more group-friendly accommodations.

What I love most of all about the Philly Cupcake and Chocolate people is that they love when I take photos.  They encourage their customers to post the photos to their Facebook pages.  This is a great way to show the diversity in their products as well as clientele.   Most importantly, it allows me to be free to express myself through photography.  My trip to Philly Chocolate with Inga this week certainly reawakened my love for cafe and cupcake photography.

3 thoughts on “Philly Chocolate: The Confectionary Lounge

  1. Thanks Betty. We placed a link to your blog on our fanpage on facebook. We are happy to serve customers like yourself. See you soon.

    The Philly Chocolate staff

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