Home Making

Friday night, Kyle and I decided to dine in.  I had a craving for Pietro’s sun-dried tomato pizza, but I thought it would be more fun to make our own pizza.  As if we had our own surreality TV show, we participated in yet another activity.

While Kyle prepared the ingredients for the sauce, I got started on dessert.  Although Kyle and I are both salty most of the time, I definitely have a handle on the sweet side of our concoctions.Chocolate covered strawberries, grapes, and banana slices.Glitter Banana.Chocolate-, Sprinkle-, and Black Glitter-covered Strawberries.Betty's splendid array of chocolate covered fruits.

Kyle’s Pizza Sauce recipe (in his own words):

“Start off with some oil, minced garlic – fry the garlic (being careful not to burn it as burnt garlic is extremely bitter).  After this, add a touch of salt and pepper to the fried garlic.  Once it’s slightly browned, add a can of whole peeled tomatoes.  I like to use  whole tomatoes because you get to control the texture as they trap the flavor (because you’re actually cooking the tomatoes).

Then basically add a small amount (1/4 tsp) of tomato paste, not too much because it’s concentrated – it will ruin the mixture, over powering the taste of the tomatoes.  Medium heat.  It’s going to take a while.  Let it simmer, and as it cooks, stir in some salt and pepper, basil, a sprig of sweet marjoram, and a pinch of sugar. Once the tomatoes are soft, crush them with a spoon.  The sugars and tomatoes will cook, and the sauce will become sweet.Homegrown Sweet Marjoram.Fresh Basil.

Adjust the taste to your preference; add pepper to counteract saltiness, but don’t make it too spicy.

After about a half hour, the sauce will reduce a third in size.  You should make more than you will need, because the water will evaporate.”Bubbling pot of pizza sauce.


We baked the pizza on Pillsbury dough and placed chunks of mozzarella cheese on top.Homemade pizza!

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