Susquie & Broad

Oh Susquehanna Ave…. Processing my film at Rite Aid on Broad & Susquehanna is totally worth $2.99 plus dodging crackheads and creepers.  Thinking they made a mistake last time I developed film there, I expected to pay $2.99 for my CDs plus a processing fee.  Nope.  $2.99. Period.  The hood is good for something.

I don’t know if it was me, the film, or the processing, but the last film haul I had at Walgreens came out poorly exposed and ultra green.  I had never seen four rolls of film all come out this disappointing.  I had to resort to editing them.  But this time, cheap and dirty, my photos came out great!  The only draw back is they forgot to give me my other set, and I was too distracted at the register to notice I was only charged for one set.  Again, totally worth it.

May it be noted: A “preacher lady,” as she called herself, approached me while posting these photos, asked for my hand, and prayed for me.

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