I can’t say that I’ve been pleased with this week’s film haul.  Although the following photos were taken last week, in completely different conditions than my 3 other rolls, all my photos seem to have a somewhat dreary cast to them.  Today’s photos are understandable – we were shooting on the cusp of a rain storm.  But all my photos? Is it Walgreens fault? Not sure, they did charge me an arm and a leg, though!

Suspended spirits. Ultra Purgatory?Such beautiful light!As long as there's no rain, we can dream.The daily ritual of tying that thing up and suspending it above the skyline so no crackhead steals it.Glitter Commie.Aggressive biker Kyle.The coffee decals on the McDonald's window are hard to look at!My second attempt at shooting this flag through the sun, around the same hour as last week's.Sweet Marjoram!

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