Carpe Duo Dies: 48 Hour EEG

On May 12, 2011, I was hooked up with 24 wires on my head and forehead.  I’m in the midst of finding out what my seizures really are and why they happen.  However, this time I had wires semi-permanently glued to my head, which were attached to a little machine that I carried with me wherever I went – which wasn’t far.  Fortunately, I ran into Kyle on my walk from the hospital to the subway afterwards.  If not, I’d have joined the mass of crazies on the Philadelphia public transportation systems.

Meanwhile, I was confined to my apartment.  I did not have to stay in one place, but I’d rather not go outside looking like this.  The entire two day experience left me grateful for my normal mobility and the fact that I don’t look absolutely insane most days.  I cannot fathom being bedridden or handicapped.  Having to lug around a 2 pound battery pack/mind reading machine that prevented me from putting my head down because I was connected to it by wires was restricting enough.  Hopefully, from all of this, modern medicine can find out why I have seizures, and maybe eventually cure everyone who is immobile.

This was my experience. Unfortunately, I had no seizures during the test.

June 6, 2011: My EEG came back “abnormal.”  It showed “irritation” in the right side of my temporal lobe only when sleeping.  To think this has been going on for my entire life is a bit frustrating.  I can’t feel it and I’ve had no idea it happens – and still don’t.  But it’s enough to cause temporal lobe seizures.

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