Sam, Jaleh, and I would hit up Saxby's after Italian class on most days. This was our final time.Yesterday, I had coffee with Sam and Jaleh after our Italian final.  Final Saxby’s.

I’ve completed three years of undergraduate college.  It’s a scary thing.  Luckily, I feel as though I have grown the most in this past year, my junior year at Temple University.

I started the year off fully immersed in the Photojournalism major track and mindset.  But a rude awakening came on a few fateful days of unsuccessful shooting.  It just wasn’t for me.  I’m not that into finding out about people, places, and things that are currently around me.

In my freshman year, I took a gen ed (actually, I took 10 gen eds that year) on art history.  I loved it.  As I moved onto studio art classes at Tyler, thinking I wanted a BFA in photography, I had to take more art history classes.  Upon realizing that was not the right track for me and switching to photojournalism, I still kept my interest in Art History with intentions to minor in it.

But once I was all out of major, I stuck with what I knew and what I was good at.  Let’s hope I really am good at Art History.

These are highlights of my best year gone by.

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