Between Dates

Last night I went on two dates.  No, not with two different people.  Unless you count Kyle’s alter-ego, Rile Pjulkowski.  With both of us off from work and school Friday night, we hit up our favorite house of pancakes – the International House of Pancakes.  As you can see these are not photos of the wonderful pancake creations we had, but of what we saw afterwards.  We took a stroll through the nicer neighborhood near Rittenhouse Square and stumbled upon a sight for sore eyes.  We’re used to seeing run down buildings like this in our neck of the woods, so it was strange to see downtown.  Realizing we didn’t have $3.10 between us for subway fare – and Rile only had a twenty dollar bill – we had to go to Wendy’s to make change using two Frosties and a small Natural-Cut fry, sprinkled with Sea Salt.

The only run down building in the Rittenhouse area.Grapes that made me shudder....The pizza delivery guy said that not a day goes by where someone doesn't take a photo of this eye-sore.The corner.Uarts

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