Cupcakes for Squares

I’ve recently had the pleasure of tasting a square cupcake from the Fresh Bakery stand in Towson Town Center Mall, Maryland.  How unusual for a cupcake to be square! If only they made cupcake papers for this specific shape, it would be even better! The still used round wrappers, and so they looked a little disheveled, but photogenic nonetheless.

I had a strawberry cheesecake flavored square cupcake. It was truly delectable.

3 thoughts on “Cupcakes for Squares

  1. What do you shoot with? These images all seem to come a bit short on contrast, but thats it really. The composition is excelent as well as the sharpness of the imagery.

    • I’ve been shooting with my Nikon D60 for over a year now. All wonderful as the lighting was in this sunroom, I’m not sure it was the best. I edit my photos only in terms of contrast so I suppose it was the unforgiving setting I was in and the time of day. And my lens is a little broken .. lol

      • I have been looking at a new camera to move up to. I have been severely limited on funds and have been waiting on a better camera.

        I am currently using a circa 2006 Panasonic Lumix DCM FZ50, and you might say its a little long to be using a camera of that nature (Fixed Lens bridge camera),

        I find its redeming factor was being sold with Leica machined lenses. It was so successful that Leica actually turned around and sold a duplicate model for three times as much.

        I am sure I have left this link before, but if your interested in seeing some of my photography

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