Truly Scrumptious

A new bakery opened in Kingston, PA.  I had been meaning to try their cupcakes, but their business hours did not coincide well with mine.  They close early on Saturdays and are closed Sunday, so I really had no chance to go except over Spring Break.  Even then, I was limited until a day my parents were off from work – the day they took me back to school.  So on our way back to Philly, we stopped in for the cupcakes.

It was a quaint little shop with ample seating and natural light (for me!).  It was still early, I’m sure things stir up around lunch time.  So I had some one on one time with the cupcakes in and out of the case.  On Wednesday, March 9, 2011, I had red velvet and chocolate cupcakes with buttercreme icing to choose from.  I shop for cupcakes like I shop for shoes – which did I choose? Both of course!!!!! Very moist and, yes, Truly Scrumptious!

Wyoming Ave, Kingston, PA.

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