Tuesday, March 8, 2011, my friend Sidney, that Schmuck, took me on an adventure to Berwick, PA.  We were in search of a decent lunch and a photo adventure.  We found more than both.  Well, we found both but they exceeded our expectations.

A Perfect Blend on Front St. is one of my favorite places to eat.  Not only are they home of MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE iced cappuccino, but they also have great food in an eclectic environment that is very hard to come by in NEPA.  So, thumbs up to the Blend.

After lunch we wandered the trails of the Susquehanna Riverlands.  We got a little lost, but it’s ok, it was like Lord of the Rings.

And we went wub wub wub wub all the way home (revving to dub$tep on my SCHMUCKthop playlist).

When I got the 3 rolls of film developed, the photos were all out of order.  So here they are.

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