2010 Flew By – Like a Monkey

About a year ago, I tried cupcakes from Flying Monkey in Reading Terminal Market.  I never posted photos from the experience anywhere, ever.  I have them somewhere, but I could never bring myself to edit the horrible white balance that market presented me with.

Flying Monkey’s cupcakes are cheaper than most gourmet cupcake shops ($2.50 each), but are rather small and dense.  They keep them refrigerated, which I know makes sense since they use buttercreme, but is not good for the cake.  Plus, it makes the buttercreme very hard.  In my opinion, all butter creme tastes the same, but who am I? I only take the photos.  Over all taste, Flying Monkey gets a B+, B for their unfortunate location.  I’d give them an A- if they’d switch to a fluffier icing.

Out of the three different places to sit and enjoy cupcakes in Reading Terminal Market, I chose this table, right by the Beer Garden.  Sure the cupcakes look nice, but the table almost looks nicer!I must wash up before eating finger food in Philadelphia!An unedited shot of Brittany and my cupcakes. Front and right of center is tiramisu, and Brittany tried the pistachio one from Flying Monkey.Taking photos inside with my Nikon N90 is always a hassle. Since I couldn't fix the white balance digitally, I took it to an extreme. Trust me, it looks way better than the ugly yellow from the market's lighting.Almost gone. Yum! Be back next year!

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