Winter Temple-land

Since I had to go to class today in this atrocious mess, I figured I’d look on the bright side – things look really funny when they are covered in snow.  I almost never shoot the snow, just because it’s so ugly and bright, I could never do it justice.  Plus, it’s never a comforting image for me to look back on.  But I could not believe that Temple canceled night classes last night due to freezing rain, but failed to notice everyone in North Philadelphia snowbound and immobile.  It was certainly a sight to see as students stumbled through the wet, soggy, dirty snow.  All those poor Ugg boots – but what do I know?  My rain boots have a hole in them, and it is not fashionable to wear actual snow boots.

Once again, as always, Philly is in denial that it actually snows here.  True, we are in Southern Pennsylvania and close to the beach states of Maryland and New Jersey, but come on.  Where is my tax, tuition, and rent money going?  Not to cleaning up streets and sidewalks, that’s for sure.  It probably went to the electricity used by a whole 10 students in each classroom today.

I usually think it’s hilarious to see a pick up truck or SUV in Philadelphia – cars I associate with the wintery, rednecky parts of the state.  But now, I think the joke is on us.

And you know what else this means? I am further disabled from getting 4 rolls of film developed.  That’s right. FOUR!

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