In Defense of… Yuck

Today I did some of my grocery shopping at Reading Terminal Market.  If only I could do all of it there (but they don’t have that generic $1.09 loaf of bread and my discount yogurt….).  I was blown away by the low prices of produce there and in turn by the high prices I have been paying at grocery stores (specifically Fresh Grocer, Progress Plaza, Philadelphia).  I hope this is reflective of all markets that are not part of big corporations.

I bought this bundle of leaves for my salad.  I am not entirely sure of what it is…. One would assume it is lettuce, but what happens when we assume?  It happened to me.  This thing was $2.99 (probably, still, a good price) and tastes awful.  But it looked too picture perfect, as seen below.  But I have such a burning question for the Iovine Brothers, WHAT IS THIS?!  The check out lady told me, and it may or may not have been on my receipt which I threw out…. It tastes kind of bad, but it’s got to be good for something!  Someone out there likes this, I’m sure.

I still swear that I will forever do all my produce shopping at places such as Reading Terminal Market – can’t wait to catch them on a Wednesday-Saturday, when the Amish come to set up camp!

A bundle of some sort of green from the Iovine Brothers at Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia.*Photos from the cupcakes Brittany and I had from Flying Monkey in the market are to come, I took them with film, so they may or may not even be presentable once finally developed.

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