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I am ashamed to admit that I did not blog nor photograph much while home for winter break.  I shot no film photos what so ever because they only come out best when I photog outside, during the day.  It was much too cold for me to set out on a photo adventure.  Unless I absolutely have to, I will not go out in the cold or snow.  However, I am back in Philadelphia now and am stocked up on hand warmers. I’m actually looking forward to more photo adventures, since I have more support, resources, and friends willing to participate in the endeavor around town.

As for blogging about things that have nothing to do with photography, nothing really happened over winter break.  I stayed at home, worked at Marshalls, went out with friends occasionally, missed my boyfriend, read, and longed to be back in school.  I have plenty to smile about, but not much to blog about.

So, here I am, somewhat alone in North Philly.  Most of my roommates are around and so are a few friends.  I have put my job hunt on hold because I have an interview with Ann Taylor Loft on Monday.  If that does not work out, I will continue the search.  But for now, I have the week, and the library to myself to just relax (and worry about teachers not getting back to me about this semester’s books and recommendation letters for Rome!)

This is my current reading list.  I know it’s bad to read a few books at a time, but being a college Junior, I have been primed to take on such a task.  Wolfflin tends to get pretty heavy so I like to switch off to popular sociology.  I guess I haven’t learned anything from the last book I read, Distraction by Maggie Jackson – all about how multi-tasking is the death of our intelligence.

As of January 9, 2011, I am reading Classic Art by Heinrich Wolfflin, Cruelty by Kathleen Taylor, and How to Want What You Have by Timothy Miller.

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