Wilkes-Barre’s Finest

Yesterday, I witnessed an event that changed my view on the Wilkes-Barre police force and New York City’s crime.

While waiting for my bus back to Philadelphia, there was a lot of hub bub going on in the station.  One man was trying to wake another man up who was doubled over in his seat, not responding.  A fire truck pulled in, and the conscious man yelled to the Martz employee, “Why did you call the fire department?!”  But they had sufficient personnel – about three EMTs stormed over to the unconscious guy and screamed at him, “YO! What’s up?!” trying to wake him up.

The force in their tone took me back to a time I saw a security guard help a Temple student out of the Student Center to a group of EMTs and police.  “ARE YOU ON DRUGS?! HAVE YOU BEEN DRINKING?!”  The security guard told them, matter-of-factly, “He passed out!”  The boy was sick, get him help, don’t make him feel uncomfortable!

Back at the Martz station, more and more EMTs and cops showed up.  They hounded him with questions about his drug use, why he had just gone to the bathroom moments before this incident, what he did in there, what are the marks on his arms from, where he was going, who he was with, why he couldn’t remain conscious.  “I haven’t slept in two days,” was his best excuse.  And it worked.

A New York-bound bus pulled in moments earlier and was about to pull out when this man’s ticket was produced and showed he was to board it.  “HOLD THAT BUS! OR I’LL PULL IT OVER!” yelled one of the cops.  He told the man to get on the bus, sleep, and once he arrives in New York, “Go to the first cop you can find, and tell them Al sent you.”

Another cop responded to Al’s demands, “‘Tell them Al sent you’? hahah….”

Did that really just happen?  Instead of treating this sick man, then sent him off to New York to be dealt with?  Not our problem, anymore, right?

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