The Inconvenience of Capitalism

This evening, I was faced with a great inconvenience: CAPITALISM.

Unfortunately, I’ve deleted my Tumblr.  It was merely a negative reflection of myself and was not healthy for me.  If I still had it, this comprehensive observation would merely be ranted about on there and be done.

Remember the days when laundry machines took quarters?  I’ve been using a MoneyCard to do my laundry for the past two years and it rarely poses a convenience.  The only time a MoneyCard is beneficial is when there is enough money on it to do laundry, and I have no real money on me.  It’s like having SEPTA Tokens and no money – you can go wherever you want, but can’t do much else once you get there.

Today I had $1.00 on my MoneyCard and $0.00 in real life.  Both ATMs are equally nearest at three blocks away.  I decided to suck it up and walk to the ATM at 1300 on my way to Fresh Grocer to get a pumpkin pie for tonight.

Commentary #1: The ATM only distributes money in increments of $20.


Luckily, my grocery order came to $4.99, and I was delighted to received $15.01 in change.  My frown only remained upside down as the cashier handed me five $1 bills and a ten.

Commentary #2: The MoneyCard machine only takes $5, $10, and $20 bills.

I asked for a five instead of the ones, “I don’t have any, sorry.”  Are you really sorry?  She’s not.  But she also doesn’t understand the inconvenience it poses me.  Ignorance is bliss.  So I had to wait in line at customer service to get a $5 bill.

Why haven’t my quarters been good enough?  Now, why aren’t my $1 bills good enough?  And what sort of machine urges you to drain your bank account faster than you can say, “Capitalism?”

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