AH Abbrevs.

One would have a tough time reading my art history notes with all my abbreviations.  Here are a few:

Annun – Annunciation

Cangi – cangiantismo

Chiaro – chiaroscuro

Contemp – contemporary

Cos – Cosimo

CoT – Council of Trent

Ded – dedicated

EG – El Greco

Emph – emphasis

Flo – Florence

JB – John the Baptist

Leo – Pope Leo X

LJ – Last Judgment

Mad & C – Madonna & Child

Mich – Michelangelo

Pal – Palazzo

Parm – Parmigianino

Prot – Protestants

Qual – quality

Raph – Raphael

Raph’s taps – Raphael’s tapestries

Ref – Reformation

Sf – sfumato

Sub – subordinate

Tint – Tintoretto

Uff – Uffizi

X – Christ

Xian – Christian

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