The Vista

After years of folklore about this mystical place, we finally found the top of this mountain.  Ok, we knew it was real and most of my friends had been there before, but this was Holly’s and my first times to the Pine Hill Vista in the Lackawanna State Forest.  The view from above was incredible.

In these digital shots, I used my old Canon Rebel XT.  I forgot to bring extra batteries home with me from school, and my Nikon was about to die.  Better safe than sorry – I’d be devastated if I got all the way up the mountain and my camera died.  It was straneg switching back to Canon for the night, but I survived.

I rarely attempt landscape photography, and quite honestly, I don’t see the value in it.  I suppose there’s no questioning Ansel Adams, but I really have little respect for amateur  landscape photography (such as mine).  But when you’re presented with such a beautiful situation, all you really can do is take advantage and do your best at capturing it.  My photos in no way justify the view of the mountain-scape whatsoever.  You had to be there.  But I’m Betty, I will photog no matter what.

The painting with light and long exposure images could have been more refined.  It was so cold, however, that we were not about to stick around any longer than we had to just to get a well lit image in focus.  We didn’t realize how much warmth the sun actually provides.

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