Aperture Priority

While waiting for some friends to meet up at Sheetz to make our journey to the Vista, I figured out how to set my Nikon N90 to Aperture Priority.  This is great for me, since I always shoot on f/1.8.  It’s my favorite aperture.  I’m sure there are many other great ones, but I bought that lens specifically do I could shoot at that f, so I’m going to shoot at it!

Since this camera lies when it says a photo is well-lit, I should have known this setting was not fool proof.  All the photos taken on this setting are over exposed.  But then again, it was 200 speed film in the setting sun, so what do I honestly expect?

Shooting manual and drastically under exposing from now on.

For more, digital photos, check out what I did with my dad’s Canon.

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