Temple News Cookies

This morning I made cookies for the Temple News.  No, I didn’t share them with the Temple News (well, Walbert might get one if my roommates haven’t gobbled them up by tomorrow), they needed photos of the process of making chocolate chip cookies.

Don’t tell, but I used a Betty Crocker mix (no wonder they call me… Betty Crocker…).  It was $2.50 (compared to God knows how much I’d spend on individual ingredients).  Hey, at the wage I make at the Temple News, I’m allowed to cut corners!

Also, keep it on the DL that I dropped an egg on the floor….

Special thanks to Ally Kaye, my lovely hand model (and obviously she made the cookies almost entirely on her own since I was photoging the whole time.)  She woke up bright and early just to make cookies in my kitchen! xoxo

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