Magazine Design

For my Design for Journalists classes, I had to create a layout for a fictive magazine.  I chose to create a magazine that focuses on the night life of Philadelphia.  It is geared toward the new middle class – new college graduates, grad students, and those beginning their career in the City of Brotherly Love.  If it were a real magazine, it would feature reviews on restaurants, bars, venues, shows, etc.  It is modeled after a high fashion magazine, and aims to celebrate life after dark in this exciting city.

I made up an article about the Rim Café and the owner René Kobietri.  In a perfect world, I’d have filled the page with a real article that would run onto another page, but this was merely a lesson in design.

Philadelphia Night Life, a fictive magazine I created for my Design class.A magazine layout with dummy text that I created for my Design class.

René is such a great guy.  He made my magazine cover his Facebook profile picture!!! It’s a hit!

Rene Kobietri's facebook profile picture, a sign that I'm doing well!

2 thoughts on “Magazine Design

    • Of course! Unfortunately I didn’t have time (nor was I required to) to write a full article. But be on the look out, I believe my friend Walbert (who has visited your cafe a few times) will be interviewing you for a class project! Photo party for sure sometime in the near future!!!!

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