I Kicked a Squirrel (and I liked it).


One of the thousands of insane squirrels that inhabit Temple University's Campus. They are in no respect afraid to get close to students.

As I booked it to the tech center today, around noon, I noticed one of the many rabid squirrels scampering throughout the plants along the building.  The squirrels on Temple’s campus are fearless.  They will run right up to you, pose for photos, and take your lunch before you can shout, “SQUIRREL!” like Varuca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This is having a similar effect on students.  A few have told me they have the urge to step on the squirrels’ tails or even pick them up and take them home.  We all know they are disgusting Philadelphian rats, but they still provide us with endless moments of entertainment.

As I was saying, I was booking it to the tech center to grab a Mac at peak-hour.  I was dead set on the blue section when the squirrel jumped out of the flower patch and into my walk way.  Not onto did he intrude on my path, but he slammed into my right foot, causing me to kick my left foot and almost trip!  In essence, the squirrel ran into my foot – I did not kick it.

With no one by my side, I looked around to see if anyone had a reaction to this sudden event.  No one saw.  I said to the girl next to me, “Did you see that?”

“See what?” she asked.

“I JUST KICKED A SQUIRREL! Have a great day.”

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