I Wish I Knew Everything

I wish I knew what was Art History WAS in high school.  We never learned a single thing about it.  Maybe some background on a style here or there in studio classes, but even after a certain point, those classes were jokes.

I obviously wish I knew that I wanted to major in Art History well before a month ago.  I am a Junior in college.  I’ve switched my major twice already.  Enough is enough.

Had I known then what I know now, I would be nowhere near my 1000 level American History Class that was required in my journalism major.

Instead of spending one hour on 10 pages of reading, I would be immersing myself in what I love best.  Don’t ask me how I’m good at art history when I’m terrible at American, or World History.  It blows my mind, too.

Maybe I did know a thing or two about myself.  In 3rd grade, I would line my Cabbage Patch dolls up and read from my Social Studies book to them.  I am a visual learner, but audio helps, too.  I still did poorly in history.

In high school, after dropping from the honors program to take College Prep American Culture, I would photocopy my notes and black out important words, hoping to memorize everything.  I’ve tried to train myself to have a photographic memory.  Sometimes, that’s what saves me.

Now, I walk to the library to read 10 pages of history.  After an hour, I am so mentally drained I just want to go home.  All other work I brought with me remains untouched until maybe later that night when I finally get my energy back to study again.

10 pages.  Single column body text.  Few pictures. I can’t do it. No matter how hard I try, I still get mediocre grades. It’s going to ruin my GPA – this stupid freshman level class that I don’t even need anymore.

On the other hand, it has been suggested to me to take my Art History capstone course next semester already, since I’m doing well in one of the hardest High Renaissance classes.  I can memorize 171 pieces of art – artist, title, date, medium, location – for a midterm, but I don’t get American History. Go figure.

My horrible-reading American History textbook, full of figures of speeches and personifications. The weekly terms list, which is impossible to complete in a timely manner. My pages and pages of notes....


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