Field Study

For my Metropolitan Ecology class, I had to do a field study of how the natural and man-made environments are clashing.  Or so that is what I took the assignment to be.  Many students in my class covered different and more specific topics.  My focus was not geography based, but based on the generic American city.  I explored Philadelphia and Manhattan for this project.  My points could stand for any American city however.  We think we can coexist with nature, but really we are harnessing it for our convenience.  There are a lot of things we take for granted, and I wanted to notice the litter and destruction during this project.  I wanted to notice how we have interpreted nature and tried to tailor it to our pleasure.

I shot this project in film as a comment on the necessary evil of the man made world – digital.

Half of my study in New York included a trip with Kyle to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  That is where we met – at the MET.  He has pointed out that half my photos are of him in “good-light” (when the sun reflects off windows and both sources of light are illuminating my subject).  This is because he’s always the person I’m with when good light strikes!

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